Transform Your Photo Block Options Into Something Extra Special

crystal photo frame with a picture will make any gift more special and meaningful. Photo frames are now very popular gifts that last long. Most photo frames have a glass front so you can see your picture when you look through it. Some also have secret compartments or holders where you can store extra photos without showing your pictures to everyone else.

To turn it into a personalized photo present, place the crystal photo block inside a beautiful gift box. Photo in portrait format can be etched on the photo block using the laser. Photo in landscape format can be placed in the collage frame. You can create a collage of your favourite photos on a collage card.

Create unique photo gifts using collage cards and gift boxes. First, choose the favourite picture then transfer the crystal photo onto the front side of your selected picture collage card. A laser engraving is performed on the backside. Choose a luminous base then use the card to frame your favourite picture. Your gift will be a magical and lasting present!

Transform pictures into a wonderful collage by transforming it into portrait format. Place a collage card or an unmounted photograph on a luminous base. Use card stock to stick your photo block on the front surface. Slide your hands gently over the photo block to blend your hands into the background. Then slide your hand behind the luminous base to reveal your favourite picture.

A crystal photo frame with an etched picture can be transformed into a stunning photo gift. Arrange your favourite photos in a special scrapbook style album. Arrange the photos in a specific order to produce a masterpiece collage. Then, select an etched glass back piece to display your photo gift on your wall. Your friends will admire your gift and be sure to cherish it for years to come!

Finally, personalise your photo gift by changing the colour of the blocks. You can have either silver, gold, cream-coloured blocks. Each can be used to decorate one side of your wall. Each piece can also be used as a separate stand-alone photo block or incorporated into other crystal photo gift options. So, whether it is a birthday, wedding, anniversary, baby or holiday gift, transform your favourite picture into something extraordinary!

The crystal photo frame options are endless. You can have almost anything etched into them. You can have the names of your loved ones engraved on the back. You can have images of your children or pets. There are numerous styles and shapes to choose from.

You will love being able to personalise your crystal photo frames. They can be transformed into anything you desire. You can add your own special touches, or simply use the ones that come standard. Once you have received your crystal photo gift you will be amazed at how easy it was to personalise your crystal photo frame.